The International Schools’ Athletic Championships (ISAC), which was the brainchild of the Founder, late Mr. R. I. T. Alles of Gateway College, has now established itself as the biggest national flagship sporting event in the school calendar of 23 International Schools affiliated with The International Schools of Sri Lanka (TISSL).

In 2004, Lyceum International School took over the responsibility of organizing this prestigious event from Gateway College, who had organized it for 3 years since its inception in 2001. Thereafter, the hosting of the ISAC kept alternating between the two schools every 3 years. In 2015, Lyceum took over the reigns from Gateway College once again, to serve as the official organizer for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The ISAC is conducted in accordance with the competition rules and regulations of both TISSL as well as the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF). Around 2000 athletes from 23 International Schools will compete in 106 events for both boys and girls, and will each be given a common Identity Card by TISSL. Also over 300 officials will conduct the competition as per the rules of the Amateur Athletic Association of Sri Lanka. Over 20,000 spectators including students, parents, relatives, staff members and cheering squads from TISSL member schools and those participating, are expected to be present. In addition, prominent electronic and print media personnel will also be invited to provide full coverage of this prestigious event.

The ISAC is also now fully computerized with real-time web based entries to instantly access results and scores over the Internet via the ISAC website http://isac.lyceum.lk, which was designed and developed by the Department of Information Technology of Lyceum International School, Nugegoda. This dedicated website will provide all necessary information including past meet records and a full list of competitors for this year’s meet.

This year’s ISAC has special significance for Lyceum as this will be the 9th time that Lyceum will be taking over the organization of this challenging meet. It is scheduled to take place on 23rd, 24th and 25th February 2018 at the Mahinda Rajapaksha Stadium, Diyagama, Sri Lanka.

Funding an event of this magnitude would not be possible if not for the continuous support received from esteemed service providers both in higher education and the consumer market, who have always come forward to support extra-curricular activities of this nature, in their bid to promote healthy minds in a healthy body as well as team work and leadership. Sponsorship is what the TISSL association strongly believe to be a business relationship that is mutually beneficial to both the sponsoring company and the beneficiaries, as it helps service providers promote their good services and products to their target market.

With the launching of ISAC 17 years ago, it is no doubt that the standard of athletics has advanced to an extent where TISSL member schools have not only been able to produce skilled, professional athletes capable of representing Sri Lanka at International Track and Field Athletic Championships abroad, but also produce well balanced global citizens as well. It is hoped that this event will continue to bring together our international school children and teach them how to compete in the real world, whilst understanding the true value of good sportsmanship and team work.